Sheave Remanufacturing

Dragline and Shovel Sheave manufacturing and remanufacturing is our specialty and our product quality and reputation within the United States and Canada reflects our commitment to being the “best” in the business.

We currently work for locations throughout the United States, Canada, Chile, Mexico.

There are many areas where our product differs from that of other sheave suppliers; some of which would be we have the ability to offer Flame Hardening or the RC60 overlay repair process.

  1. Our commitment to quality. Sheaves and Drums are remanufactured and manufactured to O.E.M. specifications…not “close to” specifications.
  2. Materials. We have developed a special welding wire made exclusively for us by Lincoln Electric specifically for the repair of sheaves and drums.
  3. Processes. Our sheave repair process is complete; we do not exclude any operations to save costs. (See Flame Hardening or RC60 tabs.)
  4. Pricing. We are always honest in our pricing in that we expect to make a reasonable profit without overcharging for our services. We are always competitively priced for an exceptional quality part.
  5. Availability. We always try to help our customers to make their deadlines when emergency situations arise.

Service and Support: Our services are always available. Our shop is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week (excepting holidays).

If you need a field inspection of a part or a dragline audit, please advise and we would be happy to schedule an appointment.

We will provide technical help as needed. For many customers our Internet web site is an excellent source of information, quick quotations and reply to questions, engineering help, etc.

Please feel free to contact us.